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Health and Safety

  • Persons that won't be painted are to include: People who do not want to be painted or show any distress at the thought of being painted, anyone with an apparent skin complaint e.g Eczema, Chicken Pox, Conjunctivitis, and anyone who seems to be unwell. This is not an exhaustive list and if you are unsure please talk to me so we can discuss it further. Facetastic takes no responsibility for losses or reactions at anytime.

  • Without prejudice I reserve the right not to paint anyone I feel should not be painted.

  • Please have a clean area for me to set up in so I can make sure it is a safe area.

  • Water and brushes are cleaned regularly and I use 1 sponge per child.

  • Sponges are washed at a minimum of 60 degrees before being re-used.

  • I hold a Blue Card

  • I have Public Liability Covered via 'Duck for Cover'.

  • I do not help children into the chair for health and safety reasons. If a child is too small to climb up themselves a parent or guardian will need to assist them into and out of the chair.

  • A parent or guardian must stay with the child at all times. Any child left alone may come back with a cat and a coffee :D I do not and will not take responsibility for any loss or accidents at anytime.

  • Some people may react to our products, I follow a strict hygiene practice and do not take responsibility at anytime for reactions caused.

  • The paints can cause minior staining to property and again I take no responsibility, in the event of staining to the skin use a little soap and water.

  • I will always do my best to maintain a professional attitude at all times.

  • Please do not touch any of our products at anytime and keep children away from sticking fingers in paint pots. (This is to ensure that our Health and Hygiene Standards are kept to a Maximum).

  • I reserve the right NOT to paint Offensive Symbols or Subjects.

  • For Private Parties please ensure that you mention on the party invitation that there will be a face painter present, and to let you know if they do not want their child's face painted.

  • Removing of face paints can be done at home with clean water. (If slight staining occurs then a little soap may help) if soap does not help the natural oils in the body should take it away within 24- 48 hours. Baby wipes are another great option for removing the paint.